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Jun. 13th, 2027 11:23 am
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I'm not here right now, so you should leave a message?

I hope this's what I was supposed to do...
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If you would prefer that I don't tag you with Bucky, please let me know here. No justification necessary, just let me know which journal(s)'s posts to avoid.
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It took a while, before he dialed the phone on the card. Weeks, he thought, he wasn't very good at keeping up with the dates. Or, rather, he didn't care that much.

But time had passed since the party. He'd memorized the information, then burned the card - in his experience already, anything after the last wipe wasn't going away, so he was using what part of his memory he could. Extensively.

In the end, though, he just picked a street phone and punched the number.

"Ms. Fukuyama?" Yes, she'd told him to call her Fuu. He couldn't be sure she'd pick up the phone herself. "This is James Banes."

That was how normal conversations went, wasn't it?
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Choose your own Bucky!

1. Playful!Bucky for [personal profile] theassassin
2. Murderous!Bucky
3. Flailing!Bucky
4. Incarcerated!Bucky
5. Awkward!Buck
6. Ill!Bucky
7. Intoxicated!Bucky for [personal profile] well_assembled
8. Incorrect!Bucky
9. Eloquent!Bucky
10. Cooking!Bucky
11. Over-protective!Bucky
12. Bored!Bucky
13. Silly!Bucky
14. Romantic!Bucky
15. Loving!Bucky
16. Cranky!Bucky
17. Jealous!Bucky
18. Inquisitive!Bucky
19. Confused!Bucky
20. Childhood!Bucky
21. Angry!Bucky
22. Dorky!Bucky
23. Working!Bucky
24. Needs-a-Hug!Bucky
25. Choose-your-own!Bucky
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character info.
NAME. James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
SERIES. Captain America: The First Avenger.
AGE. Birthday: March 22. Age: about 26
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 5'9", 200 pounds
APPEARANCE. picture.
STATUS. | TITLE. Brand new
LODGINGS. Arrived | Mar. 16 (36)
Staying | ???

POSSESSIONS. Uniform, combat knife, weapon (sans ammo). Bruises.
WEAPONS. handgun, combat knife
GOALS. Get the hell out of there. Make sure Steve is all right.
TRIGGERS. Uh. None? But he has a severe dislike for bullying.
MEDICAL INFO. In good health, other than bruises from the last fight on a moving train that he fell off of.
MENTAL INFO. Pfff. PTSD, but try to get him to acknowledge it...
FOURTH-WALLING. He is a WWII here... and can even be realized as a comic character, since Cap did some art for that ... after being revived.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Sure. No guarantee how he'd react (and his reactions are quick and hair-triggered), but he won't necessarily avoid it.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Yes, please, he'll try to woo all the dames.
INJURE/KILL. Ask me first? I'll probably be good with it if it makes sense within the situation, just don't blindside me.
DEVICE HACKING. Probably easy prey to begin with, but he's a fast learner.
THREADJACKING. Steve and Peggy have full permission to threadjack any of his threads that aren't private. Generally, I'm good with it anyway from most people, because the more the merrier, right?
ANYTHING ELSE. Good fighter, trained soldier, sharp shooter. No defense against telepathy/psychic attacks, although he can try to figure out what is going on.

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